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Fashion Design

This is an important aspect of BIG CITY MFG . This is one of our most popular services, as most start-ups have great ideas for clothing lines, but do not know how to get these wonderful ideas from thoughts to paper. Each client is provided a trend report based on the type of product that they want produced. This report is important, as in order to create a commercially viable product line, you have to access the competition.  This services is done in stages, and the end work is handed over to the client. Weather you have a pre-existing product line that your not happy with, or creating  one from scratch.  BIG CITY MFG. is a great asset for any emerging fashion designer.

Fashion Illustration

This services is usually included in my Product Design Package that is offered to start-ups, but can be sold separately. This service is utilized for presentation boards or other mediums that are needed to get your ideas across to other professionals.

Technical design

Tech Packs has always been the “unsung hero” of the fashion design process. In this day and age, many product lines are produced in countries that are thousands of miles away, many times were english is a third or fourth language. “Tech Packs”, as they are called in the industry, need to be self explanatory,concise, and easy to read.

Graphic Design

There are many graphic designers all over the world-wide web to choose from, but I provide this service to maintain the cohesive creativity throughout the product line. If you have a graphic professional that you are accustom to working with, collaboration is always fun. What is important is that the product line’s creative vision and direction is maintained, even if aspects of the creative project is outsourced. This service is provided in the Design packages.

Corporate Branding

is the “heartbeat of the company”  Branding usually consist of logo treatments, slogans, banners, as well as other presentational mediums. Your logo, branding is your “garment” that is worn to impress the public. Inappropriate  branding can mean quick success, with your company being taken seriously as a contender in the apparel industry,or a joke. I love creating the branding for the companies that I work for, its a strenuous process, with many facets,but so worth it. A great product line with impressive branding gets attention, and quickly.