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  • Digital Printing ¬†utilizes the latest technology to provide a solution to printing smaller orders (less than 24 pieces) with an almost unlimited number of colors in the design. For many customers, this is a great way to get full color prints on just a few shirts. Screen printing an order that size with a large number of colors had previously been cost-prohibitive before the advent of Digital Printing. Also referred to as Direct-To Garment printing, the process works much like an traditional inkjet computer printer, but for apparel!
  • Yields high quality, durable images.
  • Prints on any color garment, recommended for dark prints on light color garments for best result.
  • Price: Fixed cost per shirt, regardless of quantity ordered. Often cheaper than screenprinting for multiple-color images on small runs.
  • Used for: Photos, Graphic Effects, and highly detailed images on small runs of shirts.
Digital Printing
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